The Lady or the Tiger?

Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right and opened it. All at once, everybody in the audience gasped. The door creaked open, reflecting the trauma that it contained. The young man kept a straight face, although it must have been hard. For it was the tiger, not the lady who was at the other end of that door. The young man looked up at the princess. She had tears in her eyes, hoping with all hope that he would forgive her. What he said next was a surprise. "Everything you are is all that I shall ever need. I forgive you, and love you." Without further hesitation, he ran towards the tiger. Thoughts racing through his head, he delivered himself to death's doorway. The tiger roared and, in a split second, bit his arm. Blood ran down his arm, and pooled in a lake by his right thigh. A crow cawed overhead and flew out of sight. The young man screamed, and it was over. He was dead on the floor of the arena. No musicians nor priests would come cheering into the arena today. He was gone. Lost amid a sea of blackness. Dead.
The princess sat in the stands, watching the whole event. Through it all, she showed no emotions. Although her heart longed for him, she couldn't show anything. For if she did, they would be suspicious of her. And if the guards were poking around her, they would know what she planned to do. Two nights before the trial at the time of midnight, she lay in bed, sleep not coming to her. She needed a surefire way to see him again. The princess didn't like her life. She couldn't do anything normal people did. It was serious all the time. The only way she could be with her boyfriend was if they both killed themselves. Committed suicide. Then and only then would they be together. In their afterlife. After the arena, the thoughts still playing clear in her mind, she went up to her room to rest. It was in the highest turret overlooking the view of their Latin neighbors. Slowly, she opened up the window. The view was impeccable. But alas, she could not enjoy it. The princess jumped out the window, never looking back. For a moment, she was free falling. She hit the ground, dead. Now they would both be together forever. Even though the young man could have chosen the lady, they both chose the tiger.
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