Recycling is crucial

It is hard to imagine a world that is filled with waste on our landfills where the majority of people don’t really give a shit. Yes, I swore, but this is no issue where we should tend to lightly. Every day, natural habitats are being destroyed, pollution is increased, and our landfills are overflowing. Today it keeps getting worse and is leading to natural resource shortage, endangered animals becoming extinct, and losing our forests. If we recycle it can decrease pollution from landfills. When we leave waste gas on the ground, it rots, which puts harmful gases into the air. So recycling will reduce pollution by taking used items and recycling them before they get to the landfills. I believe recycling is crucial and will help future generations survive if we start doing our part today and we should put to work the law of fines being involved if you are caught littering.
In the first opposing viewpoint, I discovered is that it cost a ton of cash to recycle. The expense of getting and shipping recyclables can run from $20 to $70 per ton, contingent upon the length and trouble of the reusing truck courses, the financial backing incorporated the fossil expenses to run these trucks and the costs all in all. “I found that the normal blend of recyclables gathered by a mortgage holder is assessed to be worth about $125 per ton when the reused materials are offered to producers, so there is a likelihood of reusing projects to make a net benefit, yet just if transportation, arranging, and handling costs are kept lower than this worth per ton. This is a prerequisite that a few, however not all present reusing products might have the option to meet. Urban areas passage better investment funds when individuals reuse more (so that there's increasingly recyclable material per truck trip), when inhabitants sort recyclables themselves (for nothing) instead of requiring the city to sort them, when the populace is thick (more recyclables gathered per mile in the assortment truck), and when effective arranging as well as handling advances are set up.” (Micks 3) I have faith, at least, there are far better outcomes for profiting during the reusing procedure instead of losing a little money. It will simply require some investment and structure, from everybody overall for us to be successful.
The second opposing viewpoint is that it is a fad. They believe that trying to recycle has been going on for decades and if we start now it wouldn’t make any difference now. People believe they only do it so they can feel good about themselves when they don’t actually care about the environment. I asked ten different families if they recycle over the break and they all responded with yes. I asked them why and every one of them gave me the same answer and that was that it would help our “economy”. Most of the people gave me basic details on how it would but two of them expanded on why they actually do it. So if you think about it only 2 out of the 10 families actually knew more than the basic answer which leads many to think that when people do end up recycling they do it because everyone else is doing. From this viewpoint, I do agree that it seems to be a fad. I look at social media and there are many videos showing us how if we don’t change the world will end in so and so years. I see many of those time reposting and sharing, but how many people are actually taking action to make sure it doesn’t happen. A lot of the younger kids I see now are actually understanding the crisis and I believe our world in the future is in good hands. Now it may be a fad, but it doesn’t mean it's bad. If people are recycling even though they don’t know how many it actually does it actually makes a significant difference. In my family, we always have recycling days on Thursday and when I was younger it just seemed unnecessary not to put containers in the garbage and leave it be. But nowadays whenever I sort I do take pride because there is such a decline in how much people actually do recycle. I read a stat that says about 33% of people recycle and honestly it isn’t terrible. If we raise that up a few percentages and continue to do so I see no problem in our future.
Now, why do I believe we should recycle? I believe we should recycle because it benefits everyone and everything in the world. Let me explain. If we want paper, we have to cut down trees so we can produce paper and when we don’t recycle the more trees are being cut down. 90% of the forests that were originally in the United States have been cut down and causes a chain effect because animals also need it to survive. I love animals and many times when we don’t recycle it really hurts their environment. For example, if a bird swoops down to pick up an apple core on the road they are in great danger to get hit or waterfowl that live a lake may get entangled in left over fishing line causing the animal to get hurt, not able to eat, or unable to fly the rest of their days. Even throwing your gum on the ground can cause hazardous conditions for the animal. It may stick to them causing them to be immobile and unable to perform their duties to survive in the wild. Now it may sound excessive and people these days are still going to end up littering. I personally think that if we improve little by little it will help or out tremendously. I stated this viewpoint to show that even if we think it doesn’t affect us it for sure affects things living around us. We need two simple things to save our environment such as never litter, pick up litter if you see it, crush pop cans when you are done using them to help prevent small animals going into them.
My final viewpoint is why wouldn’t we? You have to dig pretty deep to find a negative effect on recycling and it doesn’t take much effort. It’s like going to the bathroom or brushing your teeth it’s needed for everyday life so why push against not doing it. Today our world is in trouble because of us and now we need to make a change. Future generations are understanding and want everyone to get involved so we can change things quick and simple. I know that I personally at first didn’t understand the significance of it. But now I can I do understand it. While trying to figure out my topic for this paper and the one prior I knew this was a big issue because of the area I’ve been through. In Dayton, Ohio, I just see loads of trash on the ground and people walking past it as if it was nothing. Its kinda sad to think how selfish people are but honestly, I may also be . All I want is for us to strive to be better and that should help the trend of it moving forward. Just do the simple things and you could have saved a whole planet.
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